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Our hope is that “Sports Heroes, Honoring War Heroes”

will help to heal the hearts and souls of “America’s Angels”.  

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The following letter was written by my son and his unit while they were in Iraq. If you are a Veteran, please let me take this opportunity to say, from the bottom of my heart, "Thank you for your service to this great country and Welcome Home"! If you are not a Veteran, I would like to thank you for taking the time to help, now! I hope you will read this letter and share it with every Veteran you know.


29 October 2003

To Our Soldiers of Yesterday,

We are soldiers deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and have been in country for seven months. We are part of a transportation company responsible for supporting the majority of Southern and Central Iraq. Our missions range from transporting Iraqi Freedom Fighters with Special Forces, to continuously moving food and water further north, to hauling the occasional port-o-john.

A mother of a soldier in our unit has been working diligently with various organizations to show her support for us and also veterans of past conflicts. Recently she passed a message on from a Vietnam Vet sending his thanks for serving our country. This message was not taken with ease, seeing how it comes from a “hero” that we have grown up thanking for doing the job we are doing now.

Our tour in Iraq, away from our loved ones, has been very hard on all of us. Many factors, including extreme heat, sand storms, nasty insects and enemy contact taken their toll. It’s common to hear complaints and to make some of our own. Yet, there are many times that we think back on the young soldiers who answered their call of duty and headed to Vietnam. These soldiers endured far worse conditions, made greater sacrifices and too many paid the ultimate price for freedom we enjoy today.

Our greatest thanks and appreciation will always go out to the soldiers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Veterans of past wars will forever be in our hearts as America’s Heroes. Their sacrifices give us courage and their devotion reminds us of what we are fighting for.

Happy Veterans’ Day!


The Unit of 2220th Transportation Company

(For a handwritten copy of this letter (with the signatures of the Soldiers) please contact: angels4soldiers@aol.com)


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Have you ever read the kids a bed-time story and wondered if they would remember it?


  Have you ever kissed your 'child' good-bye, knowing it could be the very last kiss? 

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             If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you know why we need to help!

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