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About Us

“Mom, I’m going to Iraq.”

What does a mother do with that information? First, she prays. No, honestly, I’m ashamed to say, first she panics, then, she prays. ‘Please, God, take care of my son! Please protect all of our brave soldiers. Please send your best Guardian Angels to watch over them.”

My name is Dawn, and I am the very proud mother of an American soldier who is fighting the war in Iraq. After the initial paralyzing fear (and after the pity party), you have to get on with your life. What kind of soldiers’ mother am I, if I can’t be a trooper? After all, this country has fought many wars and all of our soldiers had parents, spouses, children, siblings and grand-parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends who love them and fear for their safety.

Just a little over a week after hearing this news, my sister Kelly and I went to the Scottsdale Art Festival, where I saw the inspirational work of local artist Ron Head. After three days and two sleepless nights, I went back to the art show and asked Ron if he would make a sculpture of a soldier with a guardian angel. My request touched his heart and this is the magnificent result.

Founded in 2003, during the Iraq conflict and our war on terror “Chad’s Angel” is committed to God and country. “America’s Angels Foundation” is a 501-C3 (non-profit company), donating to the Wounded Warrior’s Fund.  All products are made in America!

The comforting depiction of a Guardian Angel protecting the ‘Angels’ that guard this great country, is a must-see for all Americans. The company’s name, “Chad’s Angel”, not only commemorates Dawn's son, but all of our soldiers,

The name Chad means “Brave Warrior”.

P.S. Our 'Chad' returned home safely after fourteen very long months. "Thanks, God!"

Truly and Forever Grateful,

Dawn Christon for America's Angels