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Our Mission


 Let's help our Veterans and our Soldiers!

Our mission is to help our Veterans and Soldiers realize that they are honored and appreciated for the sacrifices that they have made.

Our hope is that “Sports Heroes, Honoring War Heroes” will help to heal the hearts and souls of “America’s Angels”.

We are asking for each American Professional Sports team to consider being  ‘Sports Heroes’ to honor our ‘War Heroes’ by sponsoring one life-sized sculpture to be placed in each and every Military Hospital in America. The most common phrase I hear from Veterans regarding this sculpture is “If you’ve ever been in a foxhole, you know you have a guardian angel."

I have had the great privilege of spending time and conversing with many wonderful Veterans in the past six years and one amazing subject always comes up, and that is the fact that besides the love for their country and their family and friends is the love they have for their ‘Sports Heroes’! 

Please help every one of our Veterans realize that when they walk into the Veteran’s Hospital and see “Sports Heroes Honoring War Heroes” that they survived the war for a reason and we revere them. How better to honor the ‘War Heroes’ than to have this life-size sculpture of the “America’s Angels” alongside a display and autographs of their favorite ‘Home Team’ ball players?

As these heroes sign the ‘blank check’ to serve our country, they never know what the final price will be. Will they pay the ultimate price (God rest their souls), or will it be a limb, or just their peace of mind? Will they sacrifice being able to have a normal life with their spouse or the ability to deal with mundane family life? How many of us would sign that contract?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very debilitating problem. Most people have heard of it, few have seen how very ‘traumatic’ it really is. PTSD causes the Veteran to ‘act out’ in ways that are very frightening to all that have to experience these episodes. Most tragic of all is the fact that PTSD is a ‘silent killer’ of our Veterans, it all too commonly and tragically results in suicide. Let’s keep our Heroes from suffering in silence!

Tranquilizers and anti-depressants are not the answer! There are so many techniques that should be available for them. We need to take proper care of all of the needs of our Veterans.

All of the freedoms we have in this great country are due the generations of warriors that were brave enough to fight for it. Let’s fight for them, now!

Forward this link to every Patriot that you know, ask them to do the same and together we can make a difference.

Thank you, in advance, for your consideration.


God Bless America and All Who  Protect Her!


What do you see when you close your eyes at night?


We are so lucky to able to count sheep to try to fall asleep. How would you like to count these?  

Please click the  word "Sculpture" at the top of the page to see the sculpture we will use to honor our "Heroes".